Unifying Procurement and Accounts Payable: A Two-Phased Approach

Many accounts payable organizations are siloed from procurement, which can lead to inefficiencies, errors and a negative culture. Where there should be collaboration and shared goals, instead there is blaming and a lack of perspective on things that could make both operations better, whether they’re under the same leadership or not.

The problem tends to be twofold: people that don’t communicate and systems that don’t interface. Yet inertia is hard to overcome and neither group or even top management may realize just how unproductive this situation really is.

One way to overcome that siloing is through the implementation of procure-to-pay software that integrates both groups, according to a newly-released white paper by IOFM and sponsored by Esker. P2P automation removes the comfortable but ineffective ways of the past and force the two departments to interact, first in developing requirements, then during training, and later, throughout implementation.

Unifying Procurement and Accounts Payable: A Two-Phased Approach
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